Smolia Accessories

The Smolia dedicated accessories are unique solutions to add your Smolia magnifier with extra functions allowing the user to take full advantage.
*Please, consult your accessories request to make sure they are compatible with your desired Smolia model.

Stand: Smolia-ST
■To work hands free, the flexible neck stand of Smolia-ST is the perfect extra for Smolia.
Allows to put it and take out Smolia at will to use as the user needs.

Anti-slippery band: Smolia-SC

■When working in your station or doing several things at the same time, is easy to push objects out of the table.
With this dedicated rubber band for your Smolia magnifier, preserve the magnifier from falling off the table anymore.
Dedicated scale: Smolia-Scale sheet
■Specially crafted transparent sheet with scale and circular shape to use along Smolia magnifier.
Put down your magnifier to get precise measurements of your inspections.

New accessories

■Let us know your needs and requirements to design the perfect accessory for you.

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