About us

3R Group is based on the R&D capability of its headquarters in Japan and the strict quality and manufacture requirements followed by 3R China, this way 3R is able to produce the most cost effective products in the world. This enables customers to enjoy products purchased with a combination of Chinese-made prices and Japanese-made quality.

LED magnifiers and portable microscopes are two of our most innovative products and their market achievements so far demonstrate the fusion of competitiveness and high-quality reached by our products.

3R Philosophy

Our company name “3R” came from “three rivers” meaning that when rivers join with one another (even if they are small), together they can form a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Security/Distinction /Originality

->Character refers to our most important traits as human beings. Honesty to trust one another and create a team, also important for our clients. Courage to take action and advance instead of being paralyzed. Fortitude The strength to keep going and not give up.

->Mind state that reflects on how we do things. Modesty is important for keeping the companies’ relations intact and keeps us improving. Passion as the main source of energy to keep us working every day. Gratefulness to the people around us, and to all we have.

->Work refers to the way we do things and performing accurately to achieve our goals is why we work Fairly, being fair and honest to enhance teamwork and client treatment. Cooperating with others, giving meaning to our name “3R” and the base of our power. Rivalry since without competition we lack an important incentive to move forward.

->Products the result of our efforts, we are always working to make Secure products which is a base for true quality, a product you can rely on. Distinct products mean to take our everyday goods and make them special. Original products, not just reinventing but creating new things to amaze the world.

Company Name 3R SYSTEMS CORP. (Japanese site )
Chairman Michael Wang
President / CEO Yoichi Imamura
Established May 2001
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Head Office 2F-2-8-30 Toko Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, 812-0008 Japan
Branch Office in Tokyo 2F, 2-8-1, Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015 Japan
In China 3R Eddytek Corp. Beijing (Head office in China)
Room 805, B Bldg, Jiahuadasha, No.9, ShangdiSanjie, Haidian District, Beijing China

Shenzheng office
B-1301, datang Shidai, no.2203 Meilong Rd.longhua Qu.shenzhen City, guangdong China