Smolia Free – M130

The most innovative way to magnify your smartphone, clear screen view and hands-free operation of the device.

Perfect view of the device screen
■Use the specially made lens of Smolia-free to clearly watch a device screen.
Neck or stand function
■Tired of the regular hand-held magnifiers? Free’s extra comfortable and light neck support will allow you to watch and use your device at the same time. Allows for stand function over a table or detach the lens part to use as a regular magnifier.
Standing, sitting or in the bed
■Watch a movie, read the digital news or play in the most comfortable position for you.
Material PMMA Lens
Neck cord Silicon flexible
Size 410*260*270mm~410*260*300mm
Weight 294~343gr
Lens Size 130mm diameter
Magnification About 1.8x

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