Smolia XC

smolia XC

Smolia XC is a rechargeable model with a simple LED control system and easy to grab slim X-body. Just by pressing the outer circle the light can be turned on/off . The ergonomic X-body design makes SMOLIA-XC a very useful tool for all situations.

Rechargeable battery
There is no risk of battery ingestion by children.

■Simple and convenient!
No need for battery replacement anymore.
It can be charged with a micro USB cable.

Simple operation with big lens and bright LED!
■It is extremely easy to turn on the LED light by pressing the silver circle.
It will be automatically shut down after 10 min. of being switched on for battery saving.

■SMOLIA-XC enables you to enjoy reading or working comfortably in dark environments with a big lens and bright LED.

Do not need to keep it in your hand!
■Unlike other lens on the market with SMOLIA all you have to do it put it on whatever you want and you can see it very clearly.

■The lens focus allows you to read or examine whatever you are using it on without having to hold the lens or look at it from a fixed position.

■Carrying the SMOLIA around is also really easy.

・Convenient bag
・USB cable (1.8m)
・Cleaning cloth
・Warranty card


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  • smolia XC
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Material Lens:K9 / Metal base:Aluminum
Body Material Acrylic
Battery Life Lithium polymer battery; About 10h
Charging Time About 2h
Input Micro USB / DC5V <2A
Size Diameter 92mm, Height 50mm
Lens Size Diameter 69mm
Magnification About 3times
Weight About 160g
Light White LED*3
Packaging details
Quantity 20pcs/Inner Carton, 40pcs/Carton
Weight N.W 11.24kg/Carton, G.W 13.4kg/Carton
Carton size 49*39.5*27
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