Introduction to Smolia

Welcome to the official website to promote (yes, you guessed it right) SMOLIA!
The new product of 3R Systems Corp. Japan. My name is Alberto Alonso; I am from Spain, junior member of the company and first European to work for 3R, here to help in whatever I can or as much as my Japanese level allows me to.


For the new comers, Smolia is a new concept in the field of magnification lens.
Taking our experience in scopes, glass related engineering and our costumer’s feedback, we developed the concept of Smolia to create an easier to use polyvalent magnification lens.
The idea was to make it user-friendly, affordable while useful from reading the paper at home, reviewing blueprints, to examining complicated machinery at work.
From the original model, the Smolia-5, we have come through a long way of revisions, accessories and updates that brought us here, to the new generation models TZC/XC/RC after having a huge success in Japan.
The new models feature upgrades like USB rechargeable batteries, light adjustment or zoom changeable lens.
You can consult the details of each model in the “products” tab.


Too much for an introduction, let me end by saying that I will keep updating from time to time with news about the product, the company and for those of you interested in Japan I can share some of the Japanese day to day experiences/curiosities.
You can also contact me at my Email: or Skype: alonso_3r and ask me anything you want.


Until next time, hope to see you again!


Alberto Jose Alonso Marzo
3R systems, international trade department.

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