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Welcome back to the blog!
In this second entry I will talk about the most important event the foreign trade department is going to face this year.
Hanover 2016 Ce BIT exhibition!


Ce Bit is one of the most important and biggest shows in the world relating to technology.
With more than 200.000 visitors from more than 100 countries to visit 3.300 exhibitors (2015 data) we are both excited and nervous about the event.
This will be the first chance for us to show Smolia’s new models TZC/XC/RC to the EU and do real networking, for those of you who may have the chance to visit this incredible event, do not forget to pay us a visit at booth 017 H13.


The research and preparations for the show are going well though we still need to do many things before we fly to Hanover; decoration and samples are ready but we still lack materials and information to gather.
On the other hand, this seems like a great opportunity to live a unique experience, even though we will be extremely occupied during the exhibition, the chance to go around the show and see so many wander is fantastic!
Also, I am really anxious to see Hanover, I have been to Berlin before and Hanover looks great.
If you know of some places around worth visiting share them with me, please.


So much to do before going through, at least I am happy because our designer has made an amazing work with the booth’s posters, the booth is going to have an amazing Japanese style I am sure is going to be eye catching.


In other news, our team went to an exhibition in the Seoul Glasses Industry expo the other day with great results for our Asian consolidation.
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Well, this is it for the moment, hope I can share more details about the exhibition and our insights when it is finished.
Enjoy your day and do not forget to send me ( any comment you have.


See you with Smolia!

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