Smolia business trip India, New Delhi, June 2017

Hello again, this month of June 2017 is very important for Smolia as the team visited India; the new country of Smolia. Recently, we got into a partnership with our good friends from “Entings” in New Delhi and they become the new Smolia agents for the country.


The trip was brief but rewarding, thanks to our host dedication. India stands as a huge landmark for our company and, with our partners help, we trust to deliver Smolia around the whole sub-continent very soon.


But it was not only about work. We had the chance to experience fine Indian cuisine with classics like butter curry or Tandoori chicken. Went around the city of Delhi and even visited the magnificent Taj Mahal on a side trip.


Now that we are back, work has been resumed and with it our cooperation continues to make sure Smolia arrives to India in no time.

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