The pre-CeBIT entry

Hello to everyone and welcome to the blog I like to name “pre-CeBIT”.
The exhibition is almost upon us and by now most of the materials are ready.
Even though we keep checking everything just to be sure we are doing fine.
Before such a huge event is hard to relax and not keep reviewing everything.


Our team should arrive to Hannover the 12th of March in order to do preparations the next day.
Jetlag is going to do wanders to us but we do not have much time left since the show starts the 14th.
We are also eager to prepare the booth because it took so much time to put everything together and the Japanese theme of the poster is really nice, cannot wait to see it in action! Also, we have spent the past month thinking about what kind of things we could bring to the booth so our visitors can try smolia on them; magazines and newspapers are ok but we also though about many others varied and entertaining ones to use Smolia.
At the end, the idea is to transmit to everyone that Smolia is a polyvalent tool useful for everyone.


We will see how it goes. It is a pity we are going to have so little time to visit the actual city of Hannover and not just the city messe (exhibition center).
The Town hall, royal gardens, the old town, … But I am fairly sure my team will not miss the chance of drinking beer.
Japanese people really like beer and they have good national brands (for what I saw, is more common to see people drinking beer than Japanese sake).
I do not mind the beer but I am dying to eat proper bread for a change, wheat is good whether fermented or not.


Anyway, the preparations are almost done and the real challenge is about to begin. After a long flight and the day of preparations we need to be concentrated for five consecutive days of high activity and pressure because of the goals we are trying to achieve.
This is the first real step of our newly founded department and we need to make it count.


This is it for today, I will try to update with news about the exhibition which I think it will be amazing (if we have the opportunity to walk around a little) and I am confidence that we will make great leads there.
Wish us luck nevertheless!


See you with smolia!

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