Exhibition aftermath

Hello and welcome back to the Smolia blog.

It is finally over!
The event our overseas department worked so hard to prepare is finished and we are back in Fukuoka (or Shenzhen) to put our minds in order and start organizing our achievements.
But let’s go little by little.


We departed for Hannover the 12th of March and I must say that I liked the city.
Reminded me to Pamplona, the city where my collage is because both are clean, calm and despite the fact that Hannover has beautiful German architecture, the new buildings kind of look alike (or maybe I was just feeling home sick).
In any case, the whole team liked the city, the hotel was really good and in a very well situated (easy to move between the exhibition grounds and the city center) and everybody liked the food (and beer); we manage to find a German restaurant, Ständige Vertretung, close to the hotel and loved the food there (sausages of course but also Flammkuchen, baked potatoes or pretzels).
A special mention for a Crete restaurant (Delphi) we all loved because of its excellent food and services.


The exhibition was humongous, so many pavilions filled with booth after booth.
Technology, innovations, from drones and robots to VR.
The show was amazing although for us it meant to stay in the booth calling as many visitors as possible.
From before 9:00 to prepare the booth and eat something until more than 18:00 in the evening mostly standing and attending the many visitors we had.
It was tough but definitely worth it.
We manage to collect hundreds of business cards and contacts, sold all of our samples and made really good memories with the gentle visitors we had.
Thanks to them, the show was a real success.


Although we got back on Sunday night (20th) we have been so busy managing our leads, business cards and thanking every one of them, this is the only time I had to write down this entry.
We are already starting negotiations with some of them and they look very promising.
For the department this is a new phase, we can really begin to offer Smolia all over the world and cannot wait to go back to Europe and see Smolia fill the streets!


Finally, I want to thank everybody, my team mates for their hard work, our kaicho also for his work and support (and invitations), all those people who collaborate in this project and our esteemed visitors for giving us their precious time so we could present Smolia.


Now, only hard work left, if we can do a good job this year we should be able to return to CeBIT or even attend new shows! Hope we will be able to meet there!

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