April’s advances

Hello and welcome again to the blog.
I have been absent for quite some time, still putting some order around.
Finishing CeBIT with good results was great but (obviously) it also lead to a huge amount of work and new projects to aim for.


The client list has been established and we have mailed every single one of them at least.
That was only the beginning since answers are starting to come little by little and we are currently dealing with all kind of companies to start distributing Smolia all over the world and accomplish our goal of becoming a globalized company.
Good news is that, until now, two companies have already bought sample orders from us for the Netherlands and Italian market (do not forget to check our website https://smolia.com/wholesale-distributing to see their contacts).
With this, the official launch of Smolia in Europe is settled, now, to speed up the pace.
I just want to thank our trusted distributors and hope we do many more business in the future.


CeBIT was such a good experience our department is already thinking in CeBIT 2017 and other shows like Berlin IFA 2016.
When the time comes, I will concrete the details of the show we will attend; in any case we are really looking forward to all these new opportunities.
I really want to put into practice some of the valuable lessons we learn in Hannover to get as much form the show as possible, maybe present something new even if we are lucky enough.


In other news, I was granted the opportunity of attending a series of seminars until June dealing with the basics to be a salesman in Japan. Of course everything is in Japanese, Japanese point of view and I am the only foreigner in there what makes things hard. Nevertheless, the opportunity to learn specialized Japanese and the peculiarities of the Japanese business world. If you are curious about something you can ask right away!


And so, everything continues to move forward, at least the 29th of this month start the golden week in Japan (one week of Japanese holidays) that will do wonder on me (though I still need to take care of my daughter, with almost 3 months old).
After that I will do a quick business trip (16th to 19th of May) to our office and factory of Shenzhen, looks interesting but the Chinese visa is giving troubles but I think it should be done by on time.
Be mindful with your visa if you go into China.


Hope the new distributers can offer our stuff to all of you in no time!
See you!

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