Summer time in 3R

Welcome again to the Smolia blog, those familiar with Japan will be well aware of the almost infamous Japanese humid summer (蒸し暑い) and the “wonders” it can do to a person both physically and mentally.

Still, we need to keep up the pace.


If CeBIT was big, IFA Berlin is going to be bigger. We already have a booth (Hall 3.2, stand 141) to attend this enormous event and we are working against the clock to have anything sorted out in time. For this time though, we are planning a little detour to visit our good friends of Parts United in the Netherlands.

We are aiming, as always, to share our Smolia brand to everyone in the planet so we are concentrating in creating an impressive booth this time as well as presenting new activities and materials.

We are also going to bring two of our most advance and popular portable microscopes with us to introduce our other product lines and, if we have the chance, present a new model of Smolia (I will disclose more in due time).


I hope we can do well at IFA and we are also applying to CES 2017 Las Vegas (¡Viva Las Vegas!).

In any case, we still have plenty of summer and I am happy to announce that on August the 6th our company will hold the annual 3R Systems party to thank the neighbors; it will be the first time for my but it is looking very good with all the food, activates and alcohol.


My Japanese family will come and also our native translators will come to join us so it will be quite a big event.

After the party and before the exhibition, one of the most important festivities in the Japanese calendar will be held the 11th of August.

Known as the “Obon” this is some kind of “festivity of the ancestors” and is typical to let a few days of rest so everyone can go back home to be with the family and pray for the decease family.

Summer in Japan is also known for their fireworks and festivals.


For the moment this is all. I will keep up uploading new entries with more news about Smolia, Japan and the exhibitions soon.

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